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Health and longevity are the result of eating

Hengshan tribute rice has a very long history. It was offered to the imperial court as tribute rice in the reign of Emperor Kangxi. According to the records of Qijiang County in the sixth year of Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty (1862), "Hengshan governs the East for 30 Li. The mountains are continuous, and the foundation soil is more than flat fields. It is very productive of Jiagu.". Hengshan is also known as the "hometown of tribute rice".

The altitude of Hengshan tourist resort in Qijiang is between 800-1000 meters. The climate is cooler and the temperature difference between day and night is large. This provides a very favorable geographical condition for the nutrient accumulation of crops, prolongs the filling and ripening period of rice, and increases the content of dextrin and dendrimer. The air is fresh and the environment is not polluted, which can also ensure the safety of rice.

Once a year, 800 meters above sea level on the mountain, farmers cultivate the hope of the whole year. Unified seeds, unified planting standards, unified application of rotten organic fertilizer, put an end to pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, food additives, drinking high mountain drinking water, bathed in abundant light, in a comfortable and constant 25 ℃, the fragrance of rice, slowly brewing mature. It takes more growing time than ordinary rice, and precipitates a happy and slightly sweet taste, as well as more abundant nutrition. It has been certified by both domestic organic and EU organic. This is the sincerity of nature and a gift from the resort.
"Hengshan rice" has obtained the double certification of national standard and EU standard