Chongqing Qijiang "health care +", health care, heart care and pension "more flowers"
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In March of spring, everything comes back to life. In Hengshan Town of Qijiang District, tourists come to enjoy the unique scenery and the tranquility far away from the city.

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On March 19, 7-year-old Tingting experienced the parent-child interaction project with her parents in Hengshan No.1 research and learning base. She was very excited, "Dad, I'll come here in summer." Tingting's father picked up the phone and reserved the summer house in the town.

With the vigorous development of "health care plus", a trip to Qijiang with stories to tell, beautiful sceneries to see, and projects to play with makes tourists "want to come, stay and miss".

Adjust measures to local conditions to build a health care town

Hengshn Town, where the research base is located, has an average altitude of 1000 meters and an average temperature of 25 ℃ in summer. 80% of the territory is located in the "golden health preservation altitude line" most suitable for human health, and the forest coverage rate of core scenic spots is more than 90%.

On March 16, Hengshan Town was successfully selected into the list of National Forest Rehabilitation bases. "In addition to the excellent natural endowment, Hengshan Town has obvious advantages." Feng Yongsheng, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qijiang District, said that the town is only 50 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing, and can be reached within an hour. It is the nearest town of kangyangmei in Gaoshan mountain, which is the nearest kilometer away from the main city of Chongqing.

He said that in recent years, Hengshan Town, centering on the development orientation of "close to high mountain health land, light luxury and slow living second residence", has carried out Hengshan practice of "three nurturing Qijiang and three thinking places", and formed a "1211 + n" online and offline elderly care service system, and has become a characteristic ecological health care town integrating whole age health care, mental health care, pension, tourism, residence, sports and cultural experience.


Focus on service and realize the combination of medical and nursing

Mr. Wang, a Chongqing citizen suffering from rheumatism, learned that Professor Wang Huiwu, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in China, visited Hengshan health care service center, seeking medical treatment all the way and settled in Hengshan Yishe. In view of his illness, Wang Huiwu gradually recovered through the Chinese herbal medicine "treatment of winter disease in summer".

Hengshan health care service center, as the first health care service demonstration base in the city, has both the cultural heritage of health care and various high-end quality service experience. It can provide information integration, consultation and reception, publicity and display, cultural entertainment, humanistic care, day care, home visit, health assessment, TCM recuperation and other services, and has become an ecological health paradise for middle-aged and elderly friends.

After several years of exploration, Qijiang district has improved the health care service system. A total of 360 family doctors have been set up to provide basic medical care, public health, health management, chronic disease management and other services for the elderly.

In addition, Qijiang district has also introduced Chongqing Hekang company to develop the intelligent health care service center platform, which adopts the operation management mode of "center leading station, radiation belt point, supplemented by institutions". Through the health care platform and small program, real-time information about the needs of the elderly is known and sent to stations (points), so as to realize the real-time health care service.

"Health care plus" to promote the integration of culture and Tourism

Look at the stars at night and the sea of clouds during the day. Located in Jiuyi Ecological Resort of Hengshan Town, the B & B "Hengshan Yishe" not only has an unforgettable accommodation experience, but also has the feeling of "poetry and distance"

According to the head of the resort, tens of thousands of tourists flow into Hengshan Town from May to October every year. In midsummer, visitors often need to book B & B months in advance.

The gathering of popularity has stimulated the vitality of the countryside. Dai Hongyun, a poor farmer in Xinzhai village, told reporters that their agricultural and sideline products are very popular with tourists. Li qiansong, Secretary of the Party committee of Hengshan Town, said that in 2019, the sales income of agricultural and sideline products in the town exceeded 50 million yuan, driving the per capita net income of local farmers to be more than 15000 yuan, among which, the per capita income of poor families was more than 8000 yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20%. Rural tourism has also attracted a large number of migrant workers to return home for development, or to establish farmhouse, or to engage in planting and breeding.

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According to reports, the town has successfully introduced Yuan Longping's high-tech team to set up an organic rice base in Hengshan to produce high-quality ecological selenium rich Hengshan rice and create the ecological agricultural product brand "Hengshan Gongmi". At present, it has won the "double certification" of the state and the European Union, and has been rated as the "top ten delicious rice in Chongqing".

Next, the development of health care industry in Qijiang district will "blossom more". After the construction of the "national health care town" of "national health tourism town", the construction of the "national health care town" will be focused on the construction of the "national health care town" with the "national health care" features With the three themes of "experience, Zen Art and health care, and ecological residence", we will try our best to introduce middle and high-end summer resort real estate, B & B hotel, Buddhist culture and sports park; Laoying mountain scenic area will highlight the theme of "Geological Science Popularization", introduce experiential and interactive projects, and develop popular science education tourism

Source: Chongqing daily