About Hengshan

Hengshan is located in the northeast of Qijiang City, Chongqing, adjacent to Sanjiao Town in the East, Wenlong street in the south, Xinsheng town in the West and shengdeng mountain in Tiaoshi town of Banan District in the north. With an average altitude of 1000 meters, the highest altitude of Tiantai Mountain is 1326 meters, and the average temperature in summer is about 25 ℃. It is the nearest Alpine cool town to the main city of Chongqing. It is a famous health resort and a municipal tourist resort in Chongqing.

Hengshan tourist resort is a subtropical monsoon humid climate, mild climate, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 19 ℃, and the average annual rainfall is about 1100 mm. The average altitude of the town is about 1000 meters, which is more than 700 meters higher than that of Qijiang city. In addition, due to the large area of vegetation around, the temperature of market town is about 5-7 ℃ lower than that of Qijiang City, and the temperature of Tiantai Mountain is 7-8 ℃ lower than that of Qijiang city. The climate is comfortable and suitable for summer vacation.

Hengshan leisure tourism industry development area takes the altitude above 800 meters as the main body, the total planning area is about 24.6 square kilometers, the land available for tourism real estate development is about 6.27 square kilometers, and the development of tourism real estate is nearly 4.8 million square meters. According to the principle of "overall planning and step-by-step implementation", it is divided into three development sections, namely, Hengshan group from 2010 to 2015, Julong group from 2011 to 2018, Tiantai group and Daping group from 2014 to 2020. Focusing on the goal of building "medium grade tourism real estate and star rated hotel", the industrial chain of "food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping and entertainment" is planned and optimized, and a large-scale tourism complex integrating ecological health preservation, business meeting and entertainment is built.

Vacation Environment And Quality

Located in the "mysterious 30 ° north latitude", the average altitude is more than 1000 meters, and the highest peak of Tiantai Mountain is 1326 meters above sea level. How can it stand on the top of the world?

The unique geographical environment of Taishan Mountain creates a unique climate environment. The forest here is dense, and the content of negative oxygen ions is more than 2000 / cm ~ 3. The climate here is pleasant, and the temperature in summer is 25 ℃. It is a real "natural air-conditioning town" an ideal world that people yearn for!

Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort

The air meets the class I standard (GB 3095-2012)

The water quality meets the class II standard (GB 3838-2002)

The soil meets the class II standard of GB 15618

Hengshan natural and cultural vacation environment is good, suitable for leisure activities

Hengshan has a long history. At least in the Han Dynasty, there were ancestors living in Hengshan. With thousands of years of cooking smoke, the tea mountains are widely distributed and terraced fields are continuous. It is a beautiful pastoral scenery on the cloud……

The selenium rich soil presented by nature makes Hengshan's products unique. Hengshan rice is particularly famous,

In the Qing Dynasty, rice has been certified as "more delicious" by the European Union.

Tiantai camellia, Hengshan blueberry and Hengshan honeysuckle are well known!

Unique climate environment and products - shaped Hengshan longevity password!

At present, there are 604 people over 80 years old, 89 people over 90 years old, and 7 centenarians living in Hengshan. The proportion of long-lived old people is more than 40 times higher than the standard of "world longevity town"。

Since ancient times, Hengshan has formed a tradition of "family harmony, filial piety and respect for the elderly",

The unique "Hengshan longevity Festival" has been inherited to this day。

Hengshan tourist resort has excellent natural holiday environment,

Cultural vacation environment is harmonious, natural and humanistic complement each other, unique, high quality。