Qijiang Hengshan health care industry "more flowers", Guiyuan town after the epidemic ushered in new
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Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, it has inevitably caused a great impact on our economy and society. From offline shopping to online shopping, from the core business circle near the main urban area to the eco-tourism resort mainly in the suburbs, from the big fish to the green food in the eating habits, the consumption area is obviously affected by the structure and products. It can also be seen that people's consumption concept tends to be ecological and natural.

Qijiang Hengshan: from health care service to health care ecology

Behind the change of people's consumption structure, Hengshan Town of Qijiang has become a "treasure land" among the citizens around Chongqing and investors in various fields. From health care service to health care ecology, various business forms are integrated and developed.

Recently, Hengshan Town of Qijiang has been selected into the list of national forest health care bases. It is understood that Hengshan Town has excellent natural endowment and obvious geographical advantages. It is only 50 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing and can be reached within an hour. It is a high mountain kangyangmei Town, which is kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing. At the same time, through continuous exploration and development in health care services, Hengshan has gradually formed seven forest health care sections, namely, intelligent health care, residential health care, Wumei health care, special medical health care, sports health care, humanistic health care, and poverty alleviation and rehabilitation. The forest health care industry has become a chain group.


("Nine turns" in Hengshan, Qijiang)

New opportunities for cultural and tourism products of Guiyuan town in Hengshan

Hengshan of Qijiang is in line with the development trend of the times and takes health care as a major advantage of ecological development. The Hengshan Guiyuan Town, located in Hengshan Town of Qijiang, has ushered in new opportunities in the face of changes in consumer demand after the epidemic.

It is reported that Guiyuan town in Hengshan, as an early practitioner of rural pastoral living in China, has deeply cultivated the rural ecological civilization system, aiming to build a whole area resort integrating "tourist attractions + pastoral complex + characteristic town + beautiful village" through five artistic life scenes of nature, humanity, residence, health care and recreation, so as to create another kind of life possibility for every urban person and let their spirit return Back to the countryside.


(effect picture of Guiyuan Town, Hengshan)

The first phase project of Guiyuan town in Hengshan is mainly based on Changle Heyuan and panshanyuan villa, which integrates the natural scenery with the unique Bayu style and makes life take root. It is worth mentioning that Guiyuan town in Hengshan, together with Lanxi health care service system under Lancheng, jointly take care of the health of their families, provide health monitoring for owners by combining with more than 500 world-famous hospitals and other top health and medical resources, and create a unique "town life service system". The professional health management team provides health management services for owners through the platform, and provides 2 4-hour round the clock medical service.


(effect picture of Guiyuan Town, Hengshan)

"It is our construction concept to create an ecological paradise with health care and mountain dwelling as the main theme. Of course, after the epidemic, the free and comfortable life style of mountain dwelling has also been recognized by more and more elites," said the project leader of Guiyuan town in Hengshan. After the epidemic, it is bound to usher in another new opportunity for Guiyuan town in Hengshan.