Qijiang district culture, tourism and sports third quarter regular meeting held in Hengshan
Date:2020-08-24 11:43:57  From: Chongqing Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort  作者:  Hits:404 

On August 20 and 21, the third quarter regular meeting on culture, tourism and sports sponsored by Qijiang district culture and Tourism Commission and Hengshan Town Government was held in Hengshan Town, the city's tourist resort. In the form and content of on-the-spot case teaching, business training, performance and regular meeting, the meeting promoted the solution of outstanding problems in the cultural tourism and sports work in the street town, built a cultural tourism sports integration platform, coordinated and promoted the construction of modern public cultural service system, focused on the goal and task of comprehensively well-off culture, and completed the off-the-job training for cultural tourism and sports practitioners in the whole region.


Wenke, director of Public Service Department of Municipal Culture and Tourism Commission, Wu Xiubin, executive deputy director of Publicity Department of the District Committee, Hu Mei, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the District Committee of culture and tourism, and relevant responsible persons of Hengshan Town attended the regular meeting. More than 80 people attended the meeting, including the Publicity Department of the district Party committee, the district culture and Tourism Commission, the district science and Technology Bureau, the District Federation of trade unions, the Youth League Committee and other departments, as well as more than 80 people in charge of cultural and tourism work, directors of comprehensive cultural service center and Tourism Office of 21 streets and towns.


At the opening ceremony, Wu Xiubin, executive vice minister of the Publicity Department of the District Committee, delivered a speech, calling for the regular meeting to achieve three "strengthening", namely, strengthening learning, strengthening guidance, and controlling ideology; strengthening the mechanism to form a joint force to make up for the short board of cultural well-off; strengthening the guarantee and making contributions for a long time to create the cultural image of the central city of Southern Chongqing. The regular meeting of rangjie town has become an important starting point to solve the grassroots propaganda and cultural work. It is a large classroom for systematic training and learning, which jointly promotes problem solving and career development booster, opens up the "last kilometer" of cultural services, and provides spiritual strength and cultural support for building "one point, three districts, one place" and "south gate of Chongqing".

The two-day regular meeting specially invited the relevant departments of the District People's Congress and CPPCC, the relevant responsible persons of the Publicity Department of the District Committee, the district science and Technology Bureau, the District Federation of trade unions, and the Youth League and District Committee to attend the two-day regular meeting. They participated in the whole process of on-site observation, expert training, regular meeting consultation, etc., and the coordination mechanism of public culture found a carrier, which was more pragmatic.