Healthy cultivation of "wisdom"

Relying on Hengshan organic agriculture demonstration area, Tiantai Mountain Forest Park and other characteristic resources, rural agricultural research courses and forest science popularization courses have been developed and cultivated. Quality development training courses and other educational product systems for young people have introduced and constructed No.1 research and learning base, youth football training base and other key projects, becoming the largest youth research and education base in Southwest China.

Healthy cultivation of "emotion"

Based on the widely spread love story of "Flower Fairy love", Huaxian Valley has become the most humane flower resort in Southwest China. Relying on huaxiangu, Hengshan tourist resort has actively expanded love themed products such as wedding photography, wedding service and honeymoon holiday, which are sought after by the market.

Healthy cultivation of "body"

Hengshan tourism resort relies on the construction of "large central comprehensive park, community park, pocket park" sports park system to promote the integration of sports, tourism and vacation. There are 32 facilities such as Hengshan Sports Park, sports park, fitness square, fitness center, agricultural sports park and so on. There are 12 kilometers of bicycle greenway, 8 kilometers of pastoral slow walking path and 5 kilometers of mountaineering fitness trail. All kinds of sports events and fitness activities are wonderful.

Healthy cultivation of "old"

Relying on the unique Longevity Culture and superior natural environment, Hengshan tourism resort has developed pension and convalescent vacation products in depth, and created a number of high-quality elderly care communities such as Diling Yunhu lake and longhui Tianchi. Hengshan University for the elderly has been established, Hengshan old people's hospital has been expanded, Hengshan Town Health Center has been rebuilt, TCM health care center has been introduced, and pilot construction of rural mutual assistance pension has been promoted, which can realize intelligent, point-to-point and full coverage of rehabilitation physiotherapy, remote treatment, National Medical care, entertainment and leisure.

Healthy cultivation of "ceremony"

Hengshan tourism resort connects its own development with the targeted poverty alleviation in Hengshan. Relying on its special products, Hengshan has developed a series of "Hengshan courtesy" products. It has launched themed, branded and featured organic and healthy agricultural products, such as Hengshan Gongmi series, Tiantai Mountain tea series, native chicken and duck soil, honey local specialty series, blueberry boutique series, etc., so as to construct Hengshan characteristic "hand gift" system. At the same time, combined with the e-commerce platform, expand sales channels to promote the development of Hengshan tourism resort and surrounding rural industries.