Forecast of final of "Hengshan Cup" summer Basketball League match in Qijiang District in 2020
Date:2020-08-24 11:50:01  From: Chongqing Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort  作者:  Hits:388 

In 2020, Qijiang district "Hengshan Cup" summer Basketball League started on July 11. The competition has been going on for a month and a half. There are 53 teams and more than 600 athletes from 53 teams participating in the competition.

The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage will end on Sunday evening, August 23, to determine the positions of each group. The second stage of the finals will be held in October, from the street town group, the top 2 institutions group and the top 4 social groups to determine the total champion of Qijiang district.