Qijiang is a good place
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"When you reach the end of southern Sichuan, you will find a boat hidden in the deep of the river.". In the long history, a poem written by Yang Shen, a talented scholar of the Ming Dynasty, once positioned the Luomo in Qijiang District of Chongqing. This is the South Gate of Chongqing. It is the only place where the Central Red Army has fought in Chongqing during the long march. Marshal he long once praised Qijiang as a good place.

Recently, the "Chongqing district and county" large-scale cultural tourism promotion of "sun drying tourism boutique, cultural and creative products" made a wonderful appearance in Qijiang. The delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful things were well received by all walks of life, and the response was strong. In recent years, with the "sparks" of cultural and tourism integration and collision, we can see the sunrise in the sea of clouds on Gujian mountain, trace dinosaurs in Laoying mountain, and explore the ancient in salt horse road A trip to Qijiang with stories to tell, beautiful scenery to see and delicious food to eat is attracting tourists from all over the world.


Ingenious creation, heaven and earth nurture. This is the hometown of Chinese farmers' prints. It is full of the natural color of Qijiang's land, and is elaborately carved on the drawing board. The rural farm work with flocks of chickens and ducks, cattle and sheep is blooming like spring flowers. The national intangible cultural heritage -- Yongcheng percussion and percussion, a suona is handed down from generation to generation. The chubby cheek of the music hand drum has become a cultural landscape, and the graceful melody tells the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the world

Food has a power, is full of nostalgia of regional memory. The three tastes of Beidu fish are very similar to life. The taste of Qijiang on the tip of one's tongue, such as beef jerky in Jinjiao, chili sauce with rice suffering disaster, radish with grass stump, is famous for its beauty.

Qishui a ring, Yingling Qianfeng. Starting from Chongqing West Railway Station, the 15 minute journey of Chongqing Guizhou high-speed railway will provide you with beautiful scenery and a good time to stay in the prosperous city.

Red memory theme tour revisits the long march of the Red Army

If the landscape is deep, the heroic spirit is longer. Qijiang, a place with a glorious revolutionary history, was founded in Chongqing, where the Qijiang branch of the CPC, the grass-roots party organization, was established. Wang Liang, the former commander of the Fourth Red Army, is a native of Yongcheng Town, Qijiang district.


Wang Liang's former residence

"Shangjinggang galloped the valiant general of the Fourth Red Army of Fujian and Jiangxi. He fought Huangyang and defeated the enemy. Wang Liang, a good cadre of Longgang, made many achievements." In front of Wang Liang's former residence, this pair of couplets vividly interprets the short and glorious life of the Red Army General.

All the way south, along the foot of Miaoer mountain in Shihao Town, you can see the towering monument to the Red Army martyrs in Shihao town. Behind the monument is a solemn and solemn Tomb of Red Army martyrs, where five martyrs who died bravely in Shihao town when the head of the first red army passed through Qijiang on his journey.

On January 15, 1935, the leading forces of the central red army occupied Yangjiao of Qijiang, forming a military situation that the main force of the Red Army was directly pressing Chongqing, which ensured the smooth holding of the Zunyi Meeting. After the Zunyi Meeting, more than 8000 people of the first Red Army army moved to Shihao and headed for Chishui, creating valuable fighters for crossing Chishui.


Laoyingshan National Geopark

In Qijiang, you can walk along the Shihao Red Army Bridge, qiushiba, and the former site of the headquarters of the first Red Army, and then go to the tomb of the Red Army martyrs in Shihao, and take the footprints of the Red Army's Long March. Or from the square of jiupan village in Anwen Town, passing through Dayakou to Hongjun street, listening to the old man tell the story of the Red Army under the maple tree.

Atpresent, Qijiang is fully tapping the precious red resources, accelerating the construction of the main construction area of Qijiang in Chongqing section of the long march National Cultural Park and the construction of Shihao red soul town. In the future, Qijiang will become an important node of Zunyi Chishui Qijiang patriotic education base and the city's patriotic education base.

Exploration of centenarian longevity town

If asked where Kang Yangyou, Qijiang Hengshan should be the first choice. The average altitude here is 1000 meters, and the average temperature in summer is 25 ℃. 80% of the territory is located in the "golden health preservation altitude line" of 29 degrees north latitude, which is most suitable for human health. The forest coverage rate of core scenic spots is more than 90%.


Hengshan tourist resort

Hengshan is close at hand and enjoys unlimited longevity. Hengshan has a registered population of only 15000, while 440 people are over 80 years old. There are 7 centenarians living in Hengshan, which is 46 times higher than the target of one hundred thousand old people in the United Nations "hometown of longevity". Therefore, Hengshan is also known as the "hometown of centenarians".

As the city's first health care service demonstration base, Hengshan Town actively constructs the alpine wisdom elderly care mode, and other rich activities such as the birthday festival make the longevity culture famous.

Health Qijiang, in Gujian mountain resort, there is another charm.

At the foot of the mountain, you can camp in tents. You can enjoy the quiet starry night. In the mountain, you can hear the sound of Sanskrit, and you can see the blue lights and yellow scrolls. On the top of the mountain, there are vast clouds, changeable clouds, and the falling trees are rustling. This heart belongs to my hometown


The twelve sceneries of new Bayu -- gujianshan

Gujian mountain is a multi-functional tourist area integrating Zen tour and vacation, health preservation and heart cultivation. It allows people to enjoy a poetic time away from the hustle and bustle.

Summer is coming quietly, and Guofu Town, a demonstration town of kanglv at 29 degrees north latitude, has also welcomed a number of summer visitors. Swing, paper rock, parent-child paradise, lotus tent, star bubble house In this beautiful place, everything is primitive, like a paradise, even if you slowly stroll around, it is also a kind of ultimate enjoyment.

Exploring the theme of ancient times

Salt horse road, in the history of years, once prosperous, brilliant.

The ancient Sichuan Guizhou Road from haitangxi on the South Bank of Chongqing to Zunyi and Guiyang in Guizhou Province passes through Qijiang River from north to south, forming many ancient salt transportation roads in Qijiang.

The ancient Sichuan Guizhou Road opened in the Western Han Dynasty and the Sichuan Guizhou water transport wharf in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are located in Dongxi Town, Qijiang district.


29 ° n kanglv demonstration town paper rock

"Danxi weeps willows to find Fangfei, with rain and smoke to fly. Send words to passers-by to stop the waves, so as to dye spring clothes with spring juice. " This is the poem of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai praising Dongxi. Dongxi ancient town is built on the mountain and close to the water. Ancient trees, ancient temples, ancient wells, stone roads, stone walls, stone houses, and thousands of years of historical accumulation have formed this thousand year old town that still has its charm through the time tunnel

Stone pavement, bridge in case of ditch. The ancient Sichuan Guizhou Road runs through the high mountains and makes all kinds of cultures collide and meet.

Qijiang's ruins of Nanping Liao people also fascinate experts. Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liao people have created splendid civilization in Qijiang. However, Liao people finally disappeared mysteriously, leaving a large number of carvings, rock paintings and rock tombs in Qijiang.

It can be said that the ancient Sichuan Guizhou Road was finally forgotten in the mountains by time. It was not until ten years ago, when experts found a large number of dinosaur footprints in the concave cavity of the steep cliff of Laoying mountain, that people were surprised to find that the trade road opened by the ancients was actually the place where dinosaurs walked 140 million years ago.


Climbing trail in Laoying Mountain National Geopark

The dinosaur footprints in Laoying mountain are the largest dinosaur footprints found in Cretaceous strata in Southwest China. At present, the dinosaur footprints group, Cuiping mountain lignified stone group and Laoying mountain Danxia corridor are the most dazzling stars in Qijiang Laoying Mountain National Geopark.

Qiwen enjoy the life of creating beauty


Farmers' print style

Farmer's print originated from the wood New Year pictures of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a pure manual work made by carving pictures on the board and then rubbing. It has bright composition, bright colors, and strong folk customs and life flavor. Qijiang people have innovated to integrate print elements into daily necessities and tourism commodities, making and publishing painting style handbags, folding fans, scarves, umbrellas, wine sets and other cultural and creative products.


Yongcheng blowing

Yongcheng percussion is an ancient folk instrumental music, belonging to the wasp school in the western mountain area of Qijiang, with a history of more than 300 years. As one of the most popular and active traditional music forms, and also the most representative mountain wind and percussion music in Western China, it has been rated as a national intangible cultural heritage.


Handmade violin

He Qianzhong is a master of Arts and crafts in Chongqing. His violin studio is hidden in Qijiang city. For 30 years, he has "made piano behind closed doors". He Qianzhong found the best way to make the wood vibrate through the repeated comparative experiments of more than 300 pianos. The violin made by him has become the "Chinese famous Qin" well received by the domestic music circle.


Qijiang North ferry fish

Beidu fish was famous in the 1980s and at home and abroad. It comes from Beidu ferry of Qijiang river. The method is to remove scales of live fish, burn the earth stove, put fresh fish, sprinkle a large number of peppers, pepper, garlic and some special seasonings, and then drizzle with the secret boiling oil. The Beidu fish is fresh, fragrant, spicy, tender and refreshing. It has become a famous lake and lake dish. Today, it has developed the classic practice of "one fish, four meals" of spicy fish, tomato fish, pickled fish and fish head soup, which has become a famous Chinese dish.


Sichuan beef jerky

Jinjiao old Sichuan beef jerky has a history of nearly 100 years, which is a "China time honored brand" and "China famous trademark". Beef jerky is made of fresh beef and a variety of rare natural spices. It is refined by combining traditional technology and modern technology. It has a soft taste and a long aftertaste. It has developed seven series of dozens of varieties, such as spiced beef jerky and spicy beef jerky. (contribution / photo by Publicity Department of Qijiang District Committee)