Mode of arrival
One、Location value

The location value is superior, has the transportation network in all directions, is very convenient。

The surrounding Lanhai expressway, national highway 210, Sichuan Guizhou railway, Chongqing third ring expressway and qiwan Expressway form a transportation network extending in all directions.
It is 30 minutes' drive from the main city of Chongqing, 20 minutes to Qijiang east station of Chongqing Guizhou high speed railway, and 50 minutes to Jiangbei Airport.
At present, the construction of Qijiang North interchange (Xinsheng Interchange) road has been started, with a total planning length of about 13 km. It is expected that it will become a first-class tourist highway in the resort in the future.
The surrounding Lanhai expressway, 201 national highway, qiwan expressway, Sichuan Guizhou railway and Chongqing Guizhou high-speed railway crisscross each other. It is within an hour's drive from the national bonded port area, Yangtze River Wharf and Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. The unique location has connected Hengshan tourist resort with a huge three-dimensional transportation network, which has brought the world closer.