Qijiang: summer tourism health season starts in Hengshan
Date:2020-08-19 17:29:41  From: Chongqing Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort  作者:  Hits:279 

With the rapid pace of modern life and increasing work pressure, it is right time to relieve the psychological pressure of urban people through exciting programs. Today, the heat is unbearable. Please come to Hengshan Mountain of Qijiang for summer vacation and decompression.

Recently, sponsored by Hengshan Town People's government and Qijiang Tourism Resort Management Committee, Chongqing Nanzhou Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Yunan Culture Co., Ltd., the "healthy Hengshan Mountain · enjoying longevity - 2020 Chongqing, China" summer tourism health season of "Sanyang Qijiang · Sanxiang place" in Hengshan square started. The event will last until August 29.

The purpose of this series of summer tourism and health season activities is to enrich Hengshan's summer vacation life and enhance the people's cultural and artistic taste, so as to guide people to consciously pursue the healthy cultivation of Hengshan with the cultural characteristics of truth, goodness and beauty.

The activity content and schedule are as follows


Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort has fresh air and high content of negative oxygen ions. The centenarians account for the first place in the world. Therefore, it is known as Shouxiang and is a famous summer resort in Chongqing. In the tourist resort, the exotic flowers and plants attract people's attention, the square and lake form an interesting contrast, the pavilions and pavilions are winding and secluded, and fairy tale puppets are active among them... If you stay here, you can enjoy one-stop service. Sun Zhibo