Hengshan rice
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       Hengshan rice is mainly produced in Hengshan Town, Qijiang District, with an altitude of 650-800 meters. The climate here is warmer than that of the general areas at the same altitude, and it is cooler than that of hills and flat dams. The temperature difference between day and night is smaller, which prolongs the filling and ripening period of rice, increases the content of dextrin and dendrimer, and has no high temperature and heat phenomenon. In addition, the daily range of soil temperature is large, which is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients during the day and reduces the respiratory consumption at night 。


       Hengshan rice has a long history. According to the records of Qijiang County in 1862, the sixth year of Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty, "Hengshan governs 30 Li in the East. The mountains are continuous, and the foundation soil is more than flat fields. It is very productive of Jiagu.". Hengshan rice grain is full, oily color, crystal clear rice, full of moisture, fragrance overflow bowl, delicious, as early as the Qing Dynasty is Qijiang local officials Xu palace tribute rice.