Chongqing Qijiang: how many times the collective economy of planting "Gongmi" on the abandoned land
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In recent years, in the vast rural areas, due to a large number of young and strong labor force, the lack of labor force, the scale of land abandonment has also expanded. In Xinzhai village, Hengshan Town, Qijiang District, Chongqing, in order to revitalize the land resources, strengthen the collective economy and increase farmers' income, the local government, through the renovation of abandoned land, promotes the large-scale operation of agriculture and turns the waste land into good farmland, which makes the village's collective economy develop.

"This year, our village has prepared 600 mu of abandoned land, and now more than 300 mu has been reclaimed." In Xinzhai village, Hengshan Town, Qijiang District, we are busy weeding and plowing the abandoned land. In the near future, large areas of rice will be planted here.

The villagers are weeding the abandoned land

Hengshan Town in Qijiang district is a famous "hundred year old town", from which Hengshan Gongmi comes. Xinzhai village is 700-800 meters above sea level. Due to the good soil conditions and small temperature difference between day and night, it is suitable for planting high-quality rice. In order to strengthen the collective economy and increase the income of villagers, 600 mu of abandoned land was transferred from the hands of the villagers with the help of village collective investment this year, which was integrated and utilized again to carry out large-scale agricultural operation. "There is no industry in Xinzhai village. The two committees of the village branch are actively thinking about planning the development of collective economy and preparing to use abandoned land to grow high-quality rice this year." Qijiang District Hengshan Town deputy mayor Dai Qilong said.

The villagers are weeding the abandoned land

The villagers are abandoning the land

It is reported that Xinzhai village of Hengshan Town has signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongliang group, which provides rice seeds for it. After harvest, it will purchase rice at a price higher than the market price. The village does not worry about sales. "Our estimated per mu of real estate this year is 800 Jin of rice. According to the purchase price of 600 mu of land, the village collective economic income is 300000 yuan this year." Qijiang District Hengshan Town Xinzhai village general Party branch secretary Jiang Mingzhen introduced to reporters.

The seedlings are growing vigorously

At present, Hengshan Town of Qijiang district plans to use 3000 mu of abandoned land to grow rice in 2020, and it is estimated that the whole town can achieve a village level collective income of about 1.5 million yuan.

The seedlings are growing vigorously

Well bred seedlings