Hengshan Town of Qijiang -- China's climate tourism destination and China's climate health area
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Hengshan Town has superior location and convenient transportation. Hengshan Town covers an area of 45 square kilometers and has a total population of 15000 people. Hengshan Town is located in the northeast of Qijiang District, 21 kilometers away from Qijiang city and 50 kilometers away from the main urban area of Chongqing. Hengshan Town is the nearest mountain health town of km away from the main city of Chongqing. It is also a well-known town of living and nourishing beauty in Chongqing.

Hengshan Town is a subtropical humid climate, four distinct seasons, pleasant climate. The annual average temperature is 15.0 ℃, the hottest month temperature is 25.3 ℃, and the historical extreme maximum temperature is 31.3 ℃; the precipitation is abundant, the annual average precipitation is 1108.0 mm, mainly concentrated in May September; the annual sunshine hours are 1031.1 hours, and the summer sunshine hours are 481.0; the air is humid and the annual relative humidity is 88%.

Hengshan Town has no hot summer in summer and cold in winter, so it has a long travel comfort period. The summer temperature of Hengshan Town is 23.9 ℃, 3-4 ℃ lower than that of most cities at the same latitude, 0.8 ℃ lower than that of Chengdu, comparable to Guiyang. According to the human body comfort index, Hengshan Town is a kind of suitable tourism area, with an annual tourism comfort period of 166 days, mainly from April to mid October.

Hengshan Town has excellent ecological environment and beautiful rural scenery. 80% of the territory belongs to the "golden health preservation altitude line" most suitable for human health. The forest coverage rate of the whole town is more than 42%, and the forest coverage rate of the core scenic spots is more than 90%. It is known as "natural oxygen bar and natural air conditioning town".

Hengshan Town is the launching place of Hengshan meeting on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. It is one of the world's top ten demonstration towns for health preservation, a national health town, a centenarian Town, and a city level demonstration town of clean city appearance. It won the title of China's climate tourism destination (cool summer resort, climate health preservation) in 2019, and China's climate health resort in January 2020. It is an excellent place to carry out eco-tourism such as sightseeing, leisure and recuperation, entertainment and fitness, mountaineering and cliff climbing.