Qijiang: introduction of fresh supermarket in Hengshan tourist resort to facilitate residents' livin
Date:2020-08-19 09:56:26  From: Chongqing Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort  作者:  Hits:257 - New Chongqing client 6:00 on July 14 (correspondent sun Zhibo) people take "food" as the day. Fresh supermarket is connected with the fields and the dining table of the people, which is an indispensable part of the daily life of the citizens.

Where to go in the hot summer, summer to cool Hengshan. In order to solve the problem of people buying vegetables and shopping nearby and optimizing the living environment of Chongqing Qijiang Hengshan tourist resort, Chongqing Nanzhou tourism investment group, under the guidance of the Tourism Resort Management Committee and the functional departments of governments at all levels, has actively introduced Huimin fresh supermarket to successfully settle in.

綦江:横山旅游度假区引进生鲜超市 方便市民旅居生活

Supermarkets are rich in goods and various in variety. Photographer sun Zhibo

Recently, the yuanyisheng fresh supermarket on the left side of longhui Yunfeng gate in Hengshan officially opened. The overall environment of the supermarket is bright and transparent, the shopping line is reasonable and convenient, and the display of various commodities is beautiful. It has attracted people living in qingfengchang, Guanling and Jinxiu Tiantai communities and local people to go shopping.

Today, the supermarket opened. Ms. Gao and her husband came to buy vegetables together. "In the past, we all bought vegetables by the side of the road. There were a lot of dishes here, and we could buy them all in one stop." Ms. Gao said that it is more convenient to buy vegetables and shopping now than before.

On the opening day, the author saw in the fresh supermarket that people came to buy vegetables and shopping in an endless stream. There are vegetables, fish, fruits, seafood, cereals and oils, daily necessities and other commodities in the supermarket, which can be said to have everything. Moreover, most of the prices are close to the people. In particular, it provides a high-quality and convenient shopping place for the citizens living in Hengshan for holiday.

According to reports, Yuanyi fresh supermarket focuses on the processing and distribution of agricultural products, realizing the traceability of the sources of meat and vegetables, the verification of their whereabouts and the accountability. The opening operation of the supermarket effectively fills the blank of no large fresh supermarket in Hengshan tourist resort, aiming to solve the livelihood problem of "difficult to buy vegetables".

Hengshan is located in the northeast of Qijiang District, Chongqing, about 70 minutes' drive from the main city of Chongqing. It is located in the golden health line. The average temperature in summer is 25 ℃, the highest altitude of Tiantai Mountain is 1326 meters, and the average altitude is more than 1000 meters. It is an excellent summer resort. It has the reputation of "natural air conditioning town" and "natural oxygen bar"!