Qijiang: Hengshan Tiantai Yiling Kangyang cultural tourism project successfully signed, with a total
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"Nanzhou is cool in summer, and Hengshan scenery is more secluded.". Recently, the signing ceremony of "Chongqing Qijiang Tiantai Yiling Kangyang cultural tourism demonstration project" was held in Chongqing Nanzhou tourism investment group company. The Kangyang cultural tourism demonstration project invested by Chongqing environmental protection construction (Group) Co., Ltd. has officially landed in Hengshan tourist resort.

Liu Fangmin, deputy director of Qijiang District People's government and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qijiang tourist resort, signed the contract on behalf of both sides with Zhang xunbin, chairman of Chongqing environmental protection construction (Group) Co., Ltd. The signing ceremony was presided over by Luo Zhaoyong, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, deputy director of the management committee and chairman of Nanzhou tourism investment group.

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Healthy Hengshan, magnificent sea of clouds. Photographer sun Zhibo

The total investment of Qijiang Hengshan Tiantai Yiling Kangyang cultural tourism demonstration project is about 6.7 billion yuan, covering an area of 3500 mu. It is composed of comprehensive health care service area, health care ecological holiday community, pastoral ecological health preservation area, supporting commercial facilities for life, health nutrition center, health culture experience area and other projects, striving to create a benchmark for health tourism projects in Southwest China.

A good beginning is half done. Li Yun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Qijiang tourism resort, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony: the four seasons are reincarnated, and good things go through many hardships. After nearly one and a half years of consultation with Chongqing environmental protection group, the project has been successfully implemented today, which will lay a solid foundation for the construction of "Three Caring Qijiang" into a "land of three thoughts".

The author learned from the signing site that the project will be built in accordance with high specifications and high quality. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the comprehensive tourism income will be about 150 million yuan / year, the tourists will be about 500000 person times / year, and the tax payment will be about 13.5 million yuan / year. The project has a good demonstration role in promoting the quality of Qijiang health care and tourism development.

It is also understood that after the project is implemented, Chongqing environmental protection group will also introduce high-end rehabilitation resources, sign a bilateral cooperation framework agreement with Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine as the strategic cooperation and technical support unit of the project, and will also introduce the management mode of special service Recuperation Base of Chinese navy to better serve the convalescent population.