Qijiang: more than 50% passenger flow of gujianshan Xianghui Festival
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Nanzhou Tourism Investment: many measures to ensure the safety and order of gujianshan Guanyin Xianghui Festival

"Guanyin Xianghui Festival" is an ancient traditional folk custom and folk religious cultural activity, which has been spread for thousands of years. Qijiang Gujian mountain, as the Yinghua Taoist field of Guanyin Bodhisattva, has been recognized by Buddhist circles and believers.

August 8 (June 19 of the lunar calendar) is a popular day for Guanyin Bodhisattva to become a monk. Although there was no rain the day before the festival (beginning of autumn), the temperature was extremely high and the heat was hard to cope with. However, the number of believers and citizens who came to Gujian mountain to offer incense was still in an endless stream, resulting in a sharp increase in the traffic flow up and down the mountain, and the driving was slow.

In order to do a good job and ensure the safety of Xianghui festival in Gujian mountain. Before the festival, Qijiang Tourism Resort Management Committee (Nanzhou tourism investment company) formulated a number of measures on the United District Public Security Bureau, district culture and Tourism Committee, District People's clan Committee, Gu'nan street and Jingyin temple and other units to ensure the orderly activities and the civilization of believers.

Epidemic prevention and fire prevention should be carried out with both hands. When entering Jingyin temple, you must take your temperature and register to ensure that the incense Festival is safe. Due to the debris flow, the upper courtyard of Jingyin temple has been closed for construction a month ago. In view of the special situation that the activity site of the lower courtyard of Jingyin temple is narrow and small, Gujian mountain reasonably plans the activity site and determines the best activity route. All the activities participated by the believers are guided by monks and nuns. Personnel are arranged to guide and divert in the narrow and predictable congested road sections to ensure the orderly activity process.

In addition, Gujian mountain scenic area has also refined the activity plan to avoid crowd congestion. About 300 cadres, staff, police, officers and soldiers were organized by Nanzhou tourism investment company, Gunan street, fire control, armed police and other units and departments to work together day and night to maintain the order of the scene and ensure the safe and orderly conduct of the activities of the Xianghui Festival.

In recent years, there have been an endless stream of believers and tourists who go to Gujian mountain to worship Guanyin Bodhisattva. Especially, Guanyin Bodhisattva's nunnery day (June 19 of the lunar calendar) is a sea of people. Believers have traveled thousands of miles to pray for peace in Guanyin's hometown.