Chongqing Wanren "longevity" Resort
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On July 13, 2019, the grand launching ceremony of the third Chongqing Hengshan longevity festival was held in Hengshan Town. Ten thousand citizens and tourists came to Hengshan Town of Qijiang to "enjoy the happiness of the birthday party".

重庆万人 “赶寿”度假区

      Qijiang Hengshan resort is known as "the hometown of longevity", and "open meat" is also a local custom, which has a long history and is handed down from generation to generation. At the scene of the activity, six elderly people in Hengshan Town sent blessings to six babies who were only a few months old, implying health, happiness, peace and happiness. The ceremony was full of blessings, and the lucky audience also received a potted peach plant "blessed" by the Hengshan elder. Linglin, a Chongqing quyi artist and Bayu actor, "Liu Weidong", performed a wonderful language program on the spot. The performance with the theme of Hengshan longevity culture expressed his good wishes to the people of Hengshan.

重庆万人 “赶寿”度假区

       After the performance, Li qiansong, Secretary of the Party committee of Hengshan Town, and Zhang Jiahua, an international senior medical dietitian, and Wang Huiwu, a famous Chinese medicine doctor, conducted thematic interviews on "building the advantages and prospects of Hengshan health care tourism brand", "how to improve the cultural value of Hengshan longevity" and "key points for the development of Hengshan medical tourism destination" to jointly discuss the development path of Hengshan health care industry. Health care experts also visited the health care center, experienced health care projects, and further explored the innovative way of Hengshan health care.