Chongqing Qijiang "Hengshan Cup" riding race
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Chongqing Qijiang "Hengshan Cup" riding and running competition in 2018



Introduction to Hengshan Sports Park

Hengshan Town Sports Park has a total area of 8600 square meters, with a total investment of about 3.5 million yuan. In order to meet the needs of health care, we have built fitness trails, five-a-side football field, air volleyball court, badminton court, gate court, "longevity" Cultural Sports Park, children's sports and leisure area and other sports platforms. Now, I would like to introduce to you respectively:

Fitness trail. After the construction of the first and second phases of the sports park, the Hengshan fitness trail is about 42 kilometers. Through the colorful fitness trail, we connect the whole town of Hengshan, various communities, health care sports platform and viewing platform, improve the traffic, ensure safety, and provide a place for the travelers to walk. There are 800 meters of track in the park. Through the fitness trail, we can walk through the entire sports park, enjoying the tranquility of the morning and the warmth of the evening. The most important thing is that our fitness trails are colorful, red, yellow and green, giving you different enjoyment in sports and fitness

The five-a-side football field, with a total area of 1050 square meters, was built in early 2018. Since it was put into use, it has been loved by cool tourists and the masses. In summer, children's football training is held, and in the evening, children are brought to play on the court;

Air volleyball court, with a total area of 780 square meters, was built in the summer of 2019. Put into use in just two months, the district has held the third national fitness Gas Volleyball Competition, Hekang cup district air volleyball match. Every day, there are people here to train air volleyball, and Hengshan now has more professional air volleyball teams.

Badminton court and gate court were successfully built and put into use in August this year. The badminton court covers a total area of 400 square meters, and the gate court covers a total area of 400 square meters.

"Longevity" sports park. It was completed and put into use in August this year. The rest pavilion with sports atmosphere, the rest chair full of "longevity" elements, and the not low and high stairs provide Hengshan elderly people with leisure and health care once again a place for leisure and walking, which is deeply loved by old friends.

Children's sports and leisure area. Located on the far left of Hengshan Sports Park, close to the Futsal field. The site, with a total area of 1000 square meters, was completed in 2018. There are children's favorite double swing, single swing, seesaw, table tennis, as well as sand playing ground where many children gather. In the construction of the sports park, we pay attention to green environmental protection and conservation, and all the lights are solar lamps. If you come here at night, you can also shine in front of your eyes, because there are dazzling color lights.

While improving the hardware facilities, we also continue to hold literary and sports activities to enrich the life of the healthy people. In 2019, it will hold the third Chongqing Guizhou youth singers competition with the theme song of "singing Hengshan and praising the motherland" with the theme song of "singing Hengshan and praising the motherland" with the theme song of "singing Hengshan Mountain and praising the motherland", opening a cultural stage of a pro weekend in Shouxiang, holding a performance Party of a pro community in Shouxiang, holding two riding and running races of Chongqing Hengshan cup, the district's "Hengshan? Diling Cup" summer Basketball League, and the third national fitness Gas Volleyball Competition.

Hengshan sports park has been initially formed to better meet the needs of the masses. Hengshan will continue the construction of sports venues, strive to become a characteristic kangyangmei town with complete sports functions, complete public sports facilities and sports activities, and strive to build Hengshan into a place where citizens in the main city "want to come, want to stay and miss".